Pregnancy Circle Cornwall

The pregnancy circle is an holistic alternative to antenatal classes, where you can prepare for a positive and informed birth experience surrounded by a circle of likeminded women all on this same journey.  It’s based in West Cornwall, created and facilitated by myself, a midwife and doula with over 15 years experience listening to and working with women and their partners.

The Pregnancy Circle is for you if:

  • You want to feel be supported in a holistic approach to birth
  • You want to know what choices you have so you can make the ones that feel right for you
  • You want to feel more confident in your ability to birth your baby
  • You want to learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help you in labour
  • You want to gather together with other women to support and celebrate each other

What do we do?

  • explore a topic of pregnancy, labour, birth or becoming a mum
  • learn and practice simple guided meditation and breathing techniques
  • develop your confidence and feel empowered to make your own choices as you move towards birthing your baby

Each session will include:

Walk the labyrinth of labour

The Sharing Circle

We spend time at the beginning of each session talking and listening to each other about the changes and challenges that we are meeting as we progress through pregnancy. An opportunity  to let go of our anxieties, ;earn from each otherand find support.


Birth Topics

Previous sessions have included…

  • The phases of labour – the labyrinth of birth
  • Coping with labour
  • Creating your birth space
  • Moving and opening your body to birth
  • Pain relief – the pros and cons
  • Writing a birth plan
  • Making informed choices & giving consent
  • Induction and interventions – what are your choices?
  • Using the rebozo and ‘Spinning Babies’ to help your baby and body to work together in birth
  • Birthing the placenta
  • Vitamin K choices
  • Birthing after Caesarean
  • Creating a Positive Birth Experience…however the journey unfolds.


Resources to help you make choices for pregnancy and birth.

We learn how to use simple guided meditation, visualisation and breathing techniques to switch off our thinking brain, release anxieties and find a sense of stillness. It’s a lovely way to connect with your baby and offers a simple way into meditation, that once you try, you can feel more confident to incorporate into your life.

Are partners welcome?

The pregnancy circle is for women to come together to talk to be able to openly and honestly about what is happening within them, both physically and emotionally and to prepare for birth.

I offer a separate workshop for women and partners where we learn more about what to expect during labour, practical ways to offer support and preparation for becoming new parents.

Click here for the couples workshop.

What stage of pregnancy can I come?

The second trimester from 13-24 weeks is a good time to join us, but you are welcome at any point in your pregnancy.

Where and when do you meet?

  • Penzance
  • Helston
  • Venue to be confirmed
  • Dates to be confirmed but aiming for mid-June

Please drop me a line if you would like to reserve a space at the circle, and I will send you further details as they are confirmed.

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