How to make a cord tie

We previously made cord ties together at one of our circles. It is a lovely way to create something ready for when you meet your baby. An honouring of this special time when you wrap the tie around the cord. Here is my simple way to create them. Ingredients Embroidery threads cut to 30cm length… Read More How to make a cord tie


Keeping a journal

I have written a journal on and off for several years. It probably started when I as a student midwife, and as part of our learning we would write reflections on our experiences, exploring how we felt, what we had learned and where we would go next. This is very much part of what I… Read More Keeping a journal


From midwife to doula…

As I continued my doula experience, I noted something occurring, a process, a journey. I’m not sure there is an end place, but I am travelling a path that winds itself through my consciousness and being. “I have to accept the change within me and own it. I am evolving.” ………………………………………………………………………………….   Midwifery to me… Read More From midwife to doula…


Choice and Control

National guidelines recommend that women be listened to within a culture of respect, in which she is in control (NICE, 2014). Well, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has just published its findings from the latest maternity survey, which asks women who have given birth in 2017 about their experiences of the maternity services, with responses… Read More Choice and Control


The Birth Pause

It was her first baby. She was well supported by her loving partner. They had planned and hoped for a gentle birth in the birth centre, using the hypnobirthing techniques they had learned together. But things had not quite gone that way. Here they were in a busy obstetric delivery suite, with white walls, a… Read More The Birth Pause


Becoming a vegan

Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to make the transition to veganism. My good friend Danielle had just launched her vegan food van, and I had previously taken the 30 day vegan challenge some years ago, but apart from staying with soya milk I had fell off the wagon completely. Consumption of two… Read More Becoming a vegan