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The word ‘midwife’ is composed of the old Middle English words ‘mid’ meaning ‘together with’ and ‘wife’ meaning ‘woman’. A midwife was literally a “with-woman”—that is, “a woman who is with another woman and assists her in giving birth.”

What is it about?

I’m Evony Lynch, a midwife and writer and would like to inspire and educate you on your journey with birthing women.

Since 1999 I have worked extensively with women choosing to birth outside of the guidelines. Signposting, listening and supporting, both inside and outside of the NHS. I know how challenging this can be and I now want to share my experiences, knowledge and observations with those starting their journey into midwifery or doula work.

As a feminist midwife and birth keeper with a foot in both the worlds of the holistic and scientific, I believe in body autonomy and ownership of our experience of pregnancy and birth. Women are reclaiming birth as a rite of passage and making individualised choices. This can create fear and resistance in both professionals, and in the risk adverse culture in which we live. Not everyone is ready for this. But maybe you are on this journey ‘with woman’, or as a woman yourself.


I hope you will find something of value here.

First independent homebirth in Spain



Perspectives on the birthing journey of women in relation to…

Birth as a rite of passage
Birth culture, risk and fear
Autonomy and rights in birth
Birth stories



Currently in development…

Birthkeeping in the 21st Century

A residential weekend workshop for students, midwives and doulas

While learning about the ‘system’, and how we can practice within an overtly medical model of birth, we’ll be learning skills that we can use with women, to bring them together, creating strength in numbers, whilst facilitating space for them to find their own intuition and power within.

Labyrinth making at Da A Luz

 Create your own pregnancy and postnatal circles

A complete package to launch your own womens’ circles in your community, based on the successful social enterprise MamaCafe, created and run by myself here in Cornwall.

MamaCafe Cornwall



Work with Me

If you’re having a baby I can offer individualised hypnobirth and antenatal preparation for birth here in Cornwall.

I also offer consultations via Skype to talk through your birth choices, signpost and help you prepare for birth.

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